My Recent Happiness Triggers

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

1. The softness of a faux-fur coat when you get it back from the dry-cleaners

2. Discovering they sell six-packs of 330ml glass bottles of Diet Coke in Waitrose. Fuck cans, fuck plastic bottles. This shit is DIVINE.  The taste is superior. Yes. you drink it from the bottle, bitch. Every self-respecting Diet Coke addict knows you decarbonate the magic potion if you put it in a glass. However you pour it.

3. My little trip to Oxford.

4. Mrs. Crimble’s cheese bites. The Zeus of all snacks.

5. New shoes from Office (on sale=only 25 quid!) Bit kitsch, but hey, I pull them off. Bad taste can be alluring at times, trust me on this one.

6. Attending all (but one) of my lectures this week. Never ever has this happened before!

7. Not pissing off a single human being this week. Legendary.